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Bidon 330ml Wild animals

  • Naturally without BPA, no plasticizers, no harmful substances
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For our little junior athletes
Sponser Bidon 330ml Wildtiere
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Bidon 330ml Wild animals

Printed with all three sporting wild animals for our junior athletes. In order to enjoy your BULB bottle for as long as possible, the following instructions for use should be observed: Before using the bottles for the first time, wash them thoroughly with dishwashing detergent. The most thorough cleaning is done in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive or harsh agents when cleaning. The bottles are suitable for cold and warm beverages up to approx. 60 degrees Celsius, but only to a limited extent for carbonated beverages. With fermenting or carbonated beverages, there is no leakage safety and the cap can open unintentionally and suddenly. Filled bottles should be stored standing upright, if stored lying down for a longer period of time (e.g. in a sports bag or backpack) small amounts of liquid may leak out. Bottles should not be thrown to the ground; this may damage the cap. In order to maintain a nice surface and proper printing, the bottles should not be handled with sharp-edged objects. Bottles that are no longer used can be recycled. Bottles that are no longer used can be recycled.

Printing ink

The printing inks are environmentally friendly and free of heavy metals. The printing inks are constitutionally free of toxic elements and solvents. The raw materials used comply with the limits of the European standard EN 71 (safety of toys), Part 3 (migration of certain elements) of December 1994


The plastics used are free of plasticizers and bishphenol and are food-safe.The leakage safety is limited to the short-term application of light pressure in an upside-down state and short resting times of up to 10 min, such as occur after the bottles have fallen over. If stored for longer than 10 min. in the horizontal position, small amounts of liquid may leak out.

Dishwasher resistance

The bottles and in particular the printing inks are dishwasher-proof in standard household dishwashers and when using standard household dishwashing detergents. For gastro and industrial machines and dishwashing detergents the adhesion can not be guaranteed.

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