Ceský biatlon

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The Czech Biathlon Untion «Český biatlon» presented its partners and athletes of the 2018/2019 season during a large press conference. Biathlon stars such as Veronika Vítková (pictured), Michal Krcmár and Eva Puskarčíková trust in SPONSER® in training and competition.

Biathlon has become very popular in the Czech Republic within the last years. The reason for this is not only the excellent infrastructure for training. The fact that the Biathlon World Cup is stopping at Nové Město has also brought a real biathlon boom into the Czech Republic.

In the 2018/2019 biathlon season, Nové Město will be the third station in the IBU World Cup. From Thursday, 20 December, to Sunday, 23 December, the competitions will take place in the Vysočina Arena about 60 kilometres northwest of Brno. Of course, the athletes from Český biatlon will be among the favourites - thanks to MENTAL FOCUS, COMPETITION, IMMUNOGUARD and their home advantage.

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