Fitness Challenge 2019 "Maximize your Potential"


Fitness Challenge 2019 / «Maximize your Potential»

Muscle building, fat reduction, weight reduction, muscle tightening, body shaping and bodybuilding: these are the core competencies of François Gay, who as personal coach leads the "Maximize your Potential" Challenge. The trainer, who lives in Wollerau (Schwyz), has practiced bodybuilding as a competitive sport for 30 years and in retrospect describes his overall victory in the Natural Mr. Universe competition in the USA (1992) as the "crowning achievement" of his career. In the following interview, the current national team coach of the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SNBF) reveals what the "Maximize your Potential" Challenge is all about and why it is worth participating.

François, you can explain briefly: What is the "Maximize your Potential" or Fitness Challenge 2019?

The "Maximize your Potential" Challenge, MYP for short, is a competition in "Body Transformation". This means that each participant sets a personal goal, which is tackled within 6 months with my support. No matter if this goal is muscle building, fat reduction, weight reduction, muscle tightening, body shaping or bodybuilding: My task as a personal coach is to accompany, support and motivate each participant with the appropriate know-how. And in such a way that the defined goal is actually achieved after 180 days.

How are the winners selected?

At the end, three official judges determine who will be the winner of the MYP Challenge 2019.

What prize can the winners look forward to?

The main prize is a one-year sponsoring contract with the Swiss sports nutrition company SPONSER.

Who is the challenge "Maximize your Potential" aimed at?

The Challenge is suitable for all people who want to make something out of or for their body and do not have the know-how for it. It doesn't matter how old or fit a person is.

What does the coaching package look like in detail?

First, the objectives are determined in an in-depth discussion. Then I design a Maxit-out training program. It aims to achieve maximum results with the least effort. Sometimes less is more. In addition, the current eating habits are meticulously examined before an individual nutrition plan is put together. This is by no means a diet plan, but rather an adapted nutrition concept that can be implemented and applied in the long term - even after the Challenge has come to an end. Of course, a tailor-made supplementation plan is also part of the coaching package. The optimal composition of these supplements contributes to achieving the specific goal. The coaching program also includes monthly "meetings" via Facetime. In this half hour I answer questions or optimize training and nutrition. Once a week there is a Whatsapp support for motivation and exchange of ideas. In the course of the Challenge, the participants are also invited to three workshops. Details will follow in due course. And last but not least: Each participant receives an individually compiled SPONSER Supplement Set worth 150 francs per month during the 6 months, which is already included in the price of Fr. 249.

Where can I register and what does participation cost for these 180 days?

You can register by e-mail at francois.gaybluemail.ch and the cost will be CHF 249 per month (incl. products worth CHF 150 per month from SPONSER, sent monthly). Once registered, the official participation agreement must be completed and signed. The participants commit themselves for a period of 6 months. The registration period runs until 20 January 2019. The number of participants is limited to 50 persons.