Interview Lukas Hofer

PHOTO: Christian Bier/Wikimedia Commons

«Before competition, I'll have a RED BET shot with black chocolate!»

There is hardly a biathlete who expresses his joy in competitive sports more clearly than Lukas Hofer. The top athlete from South Tyrol lets his fans share his successes on the cross-country track and at the shooting range in emotional posts, wordy tweets and animated stories. In various languages, with countless pictures and colourful emojis, he reports on his missions with the Italian national team and the Carabinieri sports group of which he is a member. «Luki» celebrated his greatest successes so far in 2019, when he climbed onto the podium twice at the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund, Sweden: In the mixed relay, he was happy to win bronze, and in the single mixed relay he was able to double up with silver alongside Dorothea Wierer. His extensive medal collection also includes two precious metal pieces from Olympic Games. In both Sochi (2014) and Pyeongchang (2018) he won bronze in the Italian mixed relay.
In the middle of the Biathlon World Cup season, Lukas Hofer, who has relied on SPONSER® sports nutrition for many years, took time for an exciting interview about his nutrition.

Lukas, what are your goals for the biathlon season 2020?

As always, I want to perform consistently well in the World Cup and fight for top places. The top 10 in the overall World Cup is a goal I want to achieve. One eye is focused on the home world championships 2020 in Antholz, of course. I will try to arrive there in best form and fight for a top ranking.

Which race formats are especially close to your heart?

I always like the man-to-man races best. I know immediately what position I'm in and how I feel in this situation. In moments like these, it's all about tactics and mental games, especially when it comes to shooting. The pursuit, the mass start or even the relays are an example of this.

What does your breakfast look like on a competition day?

For breakfast I usually eat porridge with nuts and kiwi. Of course, a good coffee is also a must. On race day I mix about 2 spoons of PRO RECOVERY into the porridge.

What do you eat in the last hours before the start?

Before a race, I try not to eat too much so as not to feel heavy. I eat about three and a half hours before a race. Three hours before the start I take the NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE and two hours before I take a RED BEET VINITROX with a piece of dark chocolate. During the warm-up phase I always drink a little magnesium and the COMPETITION sports drink. When I get a little hungry, I take a small piece of HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts. Ten to five minutes before the start I take a LIQUID ENERGY BCAA - and then I'm ready to go. Of course, I make sure to drink enough during the whole period, which is very important for our body to function 100%.

Would we still have to invent a special product for you?

With SPONSER® I have found exactly the sports nutrition products I need for training and competitions. Since I have been using SPONSER®, I always feel optimally prepared when it comes to nutrition!

With which menu do you celebrate your successes and medals?

The best thing after a race is a PROTEIN BAR and a delicious PRO RECOVERY shake. And of course, I don't say no to a good plate of pasta or a pizza.

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