Dominik Fink

PHOTOS: provided by Dominik Fink


Athlete information

Dominik Fink
  • Dominik Fink
  • Sport Triathlon
  • Team LTV Köflach
  • Sponser since 2020
  • Country Austria
  • Birthday 03. July 1994

Why Sponser?

I tolerate SPONSER products really well in competition; which is a key factor for long distances!


• Austrian long distance champion (Ironman) 2017
• Participation and qualification for the European Championships
• Several top 3 results at national championships in all distances

Product recommendation from Dominik Fink

EUR CHF 26.00
  • Best digestibility for extended endurance performances
  • Energy-dense, neutral taste, individually dosable
  • Suitable for people with fructose intolerance
  • Acacia fibre for optimised digestibility
  • Gluten-, lactose- and acid-free
Red Beet Vinitrox
Red Beet Vinitrox Short info
EUR CHF 18.00
  • 1 shot of Red Beet Vinitrox corresponds to the nitrate content of 500 ml of fresh beetroot juice
  • Positive influence on the platelet aggregation
  • Better lactate level tests in the sports medical care
Basic Minerals
Basic Minerals Short info
EUR CHF 19.00
  • Basic mineral salt blend

  • Supports acid-base balance
  • No sugar or sweetener
  • To cover increased mineral needs
Liquid Energy
Liquid Energy Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • gels with highest energy density
  • optimal digestibility
  • 6 different variations/flavours
  • without preservatives, lactose free