Team AKROS-Excelsior-Thömus

Swiss UCI Continental Cycling Team


Athlete information

Team AKROS-Excelsior-Thömus
  • Team AKROS-Excelsior-Thömus
  • Sport Radsport
  • Sponser since 2019
  • Country Switzerland
  • Birthday 01. January 2014

Why Sponser?

Since we, as the Swiss cycling junior team, promote young Swiss talents, we try on the one hand to work together with Swiss manufacturers such as SPONSER in order to stick to our «Swissness Strategy». On the other hand, SPONSER offers a high quality product range that meets the needs of our athletes before, during and after workouts. Furthermore, the products are very well tolerated.


The AKROS-Excelsior-Thömus team pursues a consistent strategy of promoting young Swiss cycling talents.
Many of the team's athletes have won various national titles and attracted attention with successes on the UCI Europe Tour. Some of the talents managed to make it into professional cycling team.

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