Team Schamel Running

Photos: Gerhard Illig provided by Team Schamel Running


Athlete information

Team Schamel Running
  • Team Schamel Running
  • Sport Trail Running
  • Sponser since 2021
  • Country Germany
  • Birthday 01. January 2017

Why Sponser?

We are a team of six, consisting of two women and four men, who share a passion for trail and ultra running. SPONSER, with its holistic product range, is a perfect match!


● German runner-up Ultratrail 2021, Suedthueringentrail (Anke Friedl)
● 4th place Großglockner Trail 2021 (Anke Friedl)
● 11th place / second German Ultra Tour Monte Rosa Ultra 170 (Florian Troeger)
● 7 Marathon in 7 days 2021 (Sebastian Fahsold)
● GR20 in 5 days (Anni Johann)
● 3rd place Mountainman Reit im Winkl 2021 (Johannes Hendel)

Product recommendation from Team Schamel Running

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High Energy Bar
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Oat Pack
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