Nicola Spirig



Athlete information

Nicola Spirig
  • Nicola Spirig
  • Sport Triathlon
  • Sponser since 1995
  • Country Switzerland
  • Birthday 07. February 1982

Why Sponser?

SPONSER products give me exactly what I need: fast energy for my fast races - but also proteins for recovery. That's why I've relied on SPONSER products since the beginning of my triathlon career.


Olympic Champion 2012, Vice Olympic Champion 2016, multiple European and Swiss Champion

Product recommendation from Nicola Spirig

Recovery Drink
Recovery Drink Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Regenerationsdrink mit 10 g Protein
  • erhältlich in der Variante Strawberry Banana
  • mit naturbelassenem Molkeproteinisoalat
High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Hohe Energiedichte
  • Sehr gute Verträglichkeit
Liquid Energy Plus
Liquid Energy Plus Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Kohlenhydrat Gel mit Koffein und Taurin
  • mit 50 mg Koffein pro Tube
  • wiederverschliessbare Tube oder im handlichen Sachet
Competition Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • For maximum endurance and performance
  • Non-acidic and mildly flavoured sports drink to enhance tolerance
  • Multi-carb formula: High energy density & hypotonic
  • Lactose and gluten free, no additives or free fructose