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Protein 36
Protein 36 Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Protein-carbohydrate bar containing 36% protein
  • Low sugar 
  • With milk protein and wheat protein hydrolysate
Bar test package
Bar test package Short info
EUR CHF 19.90
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Contains 15 bars
  • Our bolts can be used before, during or after loading
Muscle Gain Package
Muscle Gain Package Short info
EUR CHF 39.90
  • Products for muscle building
  • Attractive offer
  • Contains 6 products
Shape your Body Bundle
Shape your Body Bundle Short info
EUR CHF 39.00
  • Shape your body bundle
  • Great price
Triathlon Competition Bundle
Triathlon Competition Bundle Short info
EUR CHF 39.90
  • Multi-carb formula plus electrolytes for efficient carboloading
  • Particularly suited for ambitious strength- and endurance athletes
  • Perfomance Optimizer
  • Highly compatible sports drinks and gels
  • Protein products for fast regeneration
Tennis Bundle
Tennis Bundle Short info
EUR CHF 39.90
  • Tasty bars for the side break
  • Booster for more concentration
  • Supplement against muscle cramps
Training Camp Package
Training Camp Package Short info
EUR CHF 39.00
  • compact packing list for your next training camp
  • competitive price
Vegan Sportsnutrition Bundle
Vegan Sportsnutrition Bundle Short info
EUR CHF 49.00
  • Completely vegan bundle
  • Attractive price-performance rate
Immune Booster Set
Immune Booster Set Short info
EUR CHF 39.90
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Benefit from the special price
Electrolytes Bundle
Electrolytes Bundle Short info
EUR CHF 49.00
  • For a balanced electrolyte level
  • Extra Sodium
  • Suited for longer activities