Speed strenght/Explosivity

Popular product combination for speed strength/explosivity

Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94
Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94 Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • Highest quality level
  • Perfect for muscle build-up and dieting
  • Protein content of up to 90% (neutral flavour)
  • Lactose-free, low in fat and carbohydrates
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Monohydrate Short info
EUR CHF 23.50
  • 100% CreaPure
  • verbessert die körperliche Leistung bei wiederholter, kurzzeitiger, intensiver Belastung
  • steigert die Energiereserven in den Muskelzellen
Mental Focus
Mental Focus Short info
EUR CHF 13.00
  • Einfache Einnahme dank Kurpackung mit Trinkampulle

Activator Short info
EUR CHF 0.00
  • In two flavours/versions: Coffee with 100 mg caffeine / Fruit with 200 mg caffeine
  • Caffeine contributes to an increases endurcance performance (from 3 mg/kg body weight)
  • Helps to improve concentration and alertness (focus)

Introduction to sports nutrition in speed strength/explosivity

High-speed strength refers to the ability of the neuromuscular system to exert a maximal amount of momentum or force within a given time, for example, in javelin. In contrast, explosive force is the ability to perform a movement within the shortest possible time interval (as in the martial arts). Strength is further distinguished between acyclic, single (martial arts, ball or throwing games) movements and ones that are cyclic and repetitive as in the case of sprints or short course swimming. Many sports such as long jump, high jump or hurdle race rely on the combination of both acyclic and cyclic movements.

Nutrition and training techniques for sports that depend on high-speed strength, focus mainly on increasing specific strength and muscle mass as well as cognitive performance (concentration, quick reflexes, alertness and precision). Technical skills are of key importance for training, whereas recovery strongly depends on nutrition.

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