Team & Ball sport

Team & Ball sport

Beliebte Produkte-Kombi für den Sportbereich Spielsport

Isotonic Short info
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  • Isotonic thirst quencher for optimal endurance performance
  • Fruity taste, available in 5 flavours
  • Multi-carb formula with electrolytes
High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Short info
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  • Hohe Energiedichte
  • Sehr gute Verträglichkeit
Activator Short info
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  • In two flavours/versions: Coffee with 100 mg caffeine / Fruit with 200 mg caffeine
  • Caffeine contributes to an increases endurcance performance (from 3 mg/kg body weight)
  • Helps to improve concentration and alertness (focus)

Introduction to sports nutrition in team & ball sport

Team sports and ball games rely on a combination of many different physical and cognitive factors such as strength-endurance, high-speed strength and mental performance. The most renowned examples are football, hockey, volleyball etc.

Diet is primarily focused on the quick availability of suitable energy and fluids during breaks. The stronger a sport depends on anaerobic metabolism, the more significant specific supplements become which may increase lactic acid tolerance. Diet also plays a critical role in recovery, especially in times of intense trainings and competitions.

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